Sunday, December 8, 2013

Walk at Dedham Forest

Fenced path to Town Forest
 Jack and I went to the town forest for a walk.  I have been meaning to do this for awhile once I discovered where it was.  It's very odd as you can only reach it via the overpass on Rt1a.  Yep the town forest is a median strip between 95/128 north and south. Once you enter the gate you are in a narrow fenced channel for about 1000ft before it opens up into woods.   Even in the woods you can't ggy away from the sounds of the cars which is why I think it's not used all too often.   Great quote from another Dedham blogger  who described it as the place to go when someone tells you to “go play in traffic."

Its like some kind of demilitarized zone

Weld Pond - You would never know the highway was just on the other side of those pine trees.

This deer was on the high way side of the fence at the bottom of a hill.  No blood but someone had cut off the antlers.  Wondered if the deer got hit and someone just tossed him over the hill or what. Very odd
This sign wigged Jack out.  He was like Mines what the hell kind of park has land mines.  We discovered this sign and a few others were put up by an Eagle Scout candidate and they were part of an exercise course. 
This is a scary looking tree

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