Saturday, December 28, 2013

St Lawrence Fitness Center Bear Complex

Great to be able to use the gym at the University when the kids are on break.  That was always a killer when we were kids and the place closed and we tried to sneak in and couldn't find a way to get in.

Warm up:

Back and Hamstrings
Weighted Rope Rope

Bear Complex 5 rounds

Press (push or push jerk)
Back Squat
Press (push or push jerk)

7 reps @95lbs
7 reps @135lbs
5 reps @165lbs
5 reps @175bs
3 reps @180lbs

All rounds felt good and efficient.  Hardest part was the down on the press.  I need to work at not doing a negative as that takes a lot out of your shoulders, triceps etc..   grip gets to be an issue as well.

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