Sunday, December 29, 2013

SLU Soccer Locker Room & Rowing Room

Great to be up in Canton to see my folks and my family.   Canton was a great place to go up and I wish that my brother had gave me the heads up on the fund raising for their new lockeroom.  I would have donated not only because its my brother but because I grew up in that field house.   I spent more time in that gym and field house than any other place, weekends, nights, holidays you name it I lived there.  Here are some photos:
First Class!

Smart Board for Video Reviews

The only thing that was even close to the locker room was the Rowing Room.  Even with half the rowers not in the room (Rowers took them home during break) it was still chock full.

I even got to try the single oar erg. 

These gliders for the concept2's were neat as well.

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