Monday, December 24, 2012

XMAS eve Red Line

I should know that whenever a WOD looks easy on paper its going to completely kick my ass. Today was suppose to be a rest day but I wanted to do the programming the coach gave me for Saturday and take XMAS day off.

row 250m
10 thr @95lbs
rest 3min

You know its bad when the Thrusters are your rest.  My rowing is complete crap right now.  My goal was sub 1:30 every round but it didnt happen.

Round 1 - 1:13   250m pace 1:26
Round 2  -1:21   250m pace 1:28.6
Round 3 - 1:32   250m pace 1:32.8
Round 4 - 1:31   250m pace 1:41.8
Round 5 - 1:36   250m pace 1:40.2

Total rowing time 3:57 1250m 1:35 pace

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