Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cut Short

Cold morning in the gym.  The temperature was only 48 degrees as I was trying to warm up.  A far cry from when it was in the 90's a few months ago.  I did manage to get a bit of a sweat going before I started the first part of the days workout.   My hamstring and legs and upper back are all sore.   
A) Standing Behind the neck shoulder press 8-12 x 5 - rest 2mins 
 Warm Up -
1. 12@75
2. 12@95
3. 8@105
4. 10@105
5. 6@115

B) Squat Clean 6x6 - same weight - rest 2mins
Warm Up 6@95lbs and 6@135lbs

6 rounds of 6 reps @165lbs

Tried to do all touch in go and  No dropping bar.  I would say I was good at 80%.  More disciplined in the later rounds then in middle rounds.   I think I should have gone to 175lbs more for physiological reasons than anything else.     The weight wasn't crushing but 6 reps was definitely putting me to the edge.  I think Im feeling the cumulative effects of the last two workouts
8 RFT 
10 Thrusters @100lbs 
10 Bar Facing Burpees
 On a wod like this one I would usually be really excited to get after it but I was looking at 8 rounds and wondering if I had enough left to go that long.  After the first round it was clear it was going to be a complete shit show.  I was so sore and spent at this point I was crawling on the burpees and having to break up the Thrusters.  Called it at 5 rounds as I think it would have been counterproductive to just do it to finish.   
Round 1 - 1:26
Round 2 - 2:43
Round 3 - 2:42
Round 4 - 2:22
Round 5 - 3:37


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