Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crossfit Central London

Mark down another new box visited.  Got a little lost this morning running over to the box from my hotel.   Fortunately I didnt really disrupt the class coming in late as there was one other guy in the box.   The other athlete was wearing a Camp Dudley sweatshirt and I asked him If he knew Andy Bisselle and of course he did.   Either I only interact with a small sample of homogenous people or it truly is a small world.

Good Mobility Warm-Up

Skill Drills

Split Jerk practice at 45 Kilos

WOD  5 Rounds of

8 Thrusters at 65kilos
16 Kettlebell Swings
24 Toes to Bar

This looked long and fairly heavy and that is exactly what it was.  The other athlete had to leave after 3 rounds and I wished I could as well.  The coached changed the WOD to 3 rounds after I finished my 4th round.   17:17.     Grip went first in this wod.  Also still tired.   That is 2 WODs in a row i couldnt finish as designed. I hope its not a trend.

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