Monday, December 17, 2012

Simple but painful

Today's wod looks simple but it packed a serious wallop. My initial thought was to do the 2 minute efforts at 1:40. I figured that should be easy enough and a 2:20 recovery pace. It was clear after round one that I was going to get crushed by this wod. For some reason I felt like I was pulling a cable that was attached to a wall not a spinning wheel.  This is exactly the kind of WOD I need to be doing to increase my Metcon.  I will do this one again programmed or otherwise.  It must be done again as I really think I can do much better.

2min row @90% effort
2min row @50% effort

  Meters Avg Pace Stroke Rate
Round 1 587 1:42:00 30
Round 2 559 1:47:00 33
Round 3 553 1:48:00 34
Round 4 542 1:50:00 30
Round 5 553 1:48:00 35
Total 2794 1:47:00 32
Recovery  1695

Total 4489

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