Friday, December 7, 2012

London - Operating on fumes Dec 5-7

I'm not sure that I have ever gone so many days with so little sleep.  I was working around the clock an although I managed to be highly productive I'm not sure it is a healthy thing to do.  The earliest I was able to get to be bed was 2:30am on Tuesday,  Wednesday I was in bed asleep from 11-2 and then up to do calls from 2-6:30am Thursday night was 3:30am.   As you can probably guess this did not be me in great shape to train and I thought it might be better to rest than get up and push my self hard.  

I did manage to snap a few shots but the best one was when I was headed to the airport and the sun broke thru and was shining on St Pauls while everything else was dark.  The iphone is good but wasnt up to the challenge of that scene. 

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