Thursday, December 13, 2012

Technique Technique Technique

So after my coach saw my video from Tuesday night he sent me this email - "What time are you going into the gym tomorrow? I need to coach you on the Snatches".    It was great for him to reach out and commit to helping but at the same point frustrating.   After 6 years my Oly lifts still suck and that is hard to swallow.  As much as I wasnt looking forward to the frustration of still not getting it right I was there and ready to go.

We worked on Snatch Balances as well as High hang snatch.  Focusing on speed, going straight up and not looping the bard.   It actually wasnt frustrating at all and I felt like the more I focused on some cues the more consistent I got.     Probably would be good to be doing this at least once a week.  Cant help but think I'm still acting like a junior high kid who would rather play the game than do the little things over and over that will make them better in the game.

3 rounds for time
50 double unders
7 muscle ups

I was actually looking forward to this.   Crushed the first round - 50 straight double unders and then 5 and then 2 muscle ups.   Breaking the MU's up so as not to get to failure. 1 minute for first round
Round 2 double unders probably messed up 3 or 4 times.  Reps 4 and 3 on Muscle ups
Round 3 - Double Unders  5 or 6 attempts.  Muscle Ups 4, 1,1,1

Total time 7:24

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