Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back to your regularly scheduled program

After a mix up over the weekend I am back under the direction of my coach.   I am feeing good about my progress as far a strength goes and looking forward to tuning in my metcon.   I think I also better start working on my box jumps as they are something that takes more out of me than should.

A) SP 6-4-2-6-4-2 (rest 3min between sets)

This is the area that I have made the greatest improvement in since last year. All of 1, 3 and 5 max reps have gone up. Here was John's advice "Tomorrow will be your first time doing it so it'll be a little weird. I'd prefer you to undershoot it than over shoot it " as much as I have been really good about following the plan I let this get away from me a little bit.

Warm Up - 10@95
1@175 NEW PR****
3@155 Failed on 4th rep
1@165 Failed on 2nd rep
B) High hang Snatch - build to a 1 RM and video+

Warmup - 5@95
Fail @175
Fail @165
At this point I decided to come down and work on my form

I was a little worried about this one given all the shoulder work as well as the HSPU from Sunday but I was able to power through it in straight sets till the 4th round

5 rounds for time
7 Power snatch @95lbs
Total time = 7:30

Round 1 - 56 seconds
Round 2 - 1:43
Round 3 - 1:29
Round 4 - 1:41
Round 5 1:41
Good consistency.

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