Sunday, December 23, 2012

Slightly Off Piste

I have been not following the training perfectly over the past couple of weeks either because of travel or work.  Its not like I was slacking off I just had to move some rest days around and I couldn't follow the programming perfectly.  I'm hoping coach doesn't think I'm blowing off the plan.    Since I have some time off Im going to get after it hard.   We had an easy train ride back aside from the Woman who was desperately looking for a window seat because she had motion sickness otherwise. I switched with her since I was fine either way.   She then proceeded to get up 15 -20 times each time promising it would be the last.  I almost told her she was motion sick because she was constantly in motion.   When I got home I decided not to do an easy run but to do what was programmed today in class DT!

I havent done DT since 2010 and when I looked it up I have never done it with hang clean I modified to do it from full power clean.  Today was a huge break through. Did it as prescribed and the jerks werent the part that really slowed me down.  It was the hang cleans. They were tough at that weight. 

DT 5 Rounds @155bs of

12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Cleans
6 Push Jerks

13:08 = Only 1 no rep. Forgot to come to hang position in 4rd round on first clean.  I probably should have broken up the cleans into smaller rep schemes and took less rest.

Here are the splits.

Happy with the effort.

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