Monday, October 3, 2011

WOD #2 Fran-tastic 2

Fran - I'm not sure quite how this became the gold standard bench mark.  In fact I think too many people freak out over this WOD.   Even though I have been chipping away at Fran for years, what is burned in my mind is an epic fail on a PR attempt at Crossfit New England back in 2009.     See the footage here - Fran Disaster .  Not only are my pull ups ugly but I'm rolling around on the floor like I have been shot.

I was speaking with Kevin Daigle over the weekend on how he approached Fran as he crushed it last week - 2:38!   Kevin said he had asked Mel and she said just take the first round a bit easier and you will have a lot more juice at the end.   When I walked into the Craic house the energy was through the roof! I was picked to go in the first heat with Paul T.  I knew that Paul would  be faster on Thrusters but thought i might have a slight advantage in the pull ups.  John called 3,2,1 Go.   Paul finished the Thrusters about 2-3 reps ahead of me and then I passed him in the Pull ups.  Felt good.  You can see in the photo we finished in just over a minute.   The second round went well.  Was able to do the Thrusters unbroken as well as the Pull Ups.   When I started the last 9 I knew that I would have a good time.  We finished in a dead heat - 2:56!   A huge improvement over my previous PR.

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