Friday, October 14, 2011

Modified WOD

Super busy day.   Took the kids to school so I wasnt able to wod in the am.   All for good as I was able to join Susie in the evening class.  

5 rounds for time
10 Pullups
30 Air Squats

 The workout didnt seem that bad until John walked over and said you should do muscle-ups instead of pull-ups.  I was completely game as I really need to continue to work on them.   They are finally coming around and I have a lot more confidence in my technique.  Im actually not scared of them anymore.

Modifed WOD

5 Rounds of
5 Muscle-Ups
30 Air Squats

I tried to pace myself on the squats so I could have enough recovery before the next round of muscle ups.  I was very happy as i did the first 4 rounds unbroken on the muscle ups and then got 4 in the last round before failing.   Final time 6:35  Pretty happy with that.  For the day I did 29 MU's i think the most I have ever done in  a day.

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