Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life Lessons I have learned from Crossfit

I recently had the opportunity to present to a group of my employees on a personal development topic of my choice.   This is the part of my job that I really enjoy, mostly because I get a lot out of putting what I have doing on paper and really trying to reflect on it.    These presentations also give me a chance to let people know more about me and my family.  I always include a slide of photos of my wife and kids so they can see what we do outside of work. 

Most of my employees know I do Crossfit,  I think that is great, but I also worry that it shapes a perception of me that is limiting.  So in this presentation I wanted to share with them that for me Crossfit isnt just about getting fit.  There has been a huge opportunity for me to learn a lot more. 

Life Lessons I have learned from Crossfit
If your not scared its not crossfit

1.  Setting goals improves results
2.  What gets measured, gets better
3.  Limits are all in your head
4. It is about getting better not being good
5. Positive attitude will take you far
6. Focus on the rep you are doing. Be. Here. Now.
7. The thing you dread or fear is what you need to do more of
8. Finishing short isn’t failure
9. Generous listening speeds things up
10. You can do a good job by yourself but a better job when you have the support of others

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