Thursday, September 8, 2011

Snatch Work

This lift has been the bane of my existence since I started crossfit back in 2006.  It just doesn't come up in programming or in WODs enough on its own for me to make improvements.  I need to add it to my barbell complex and train the hell out of it.   I continually make the same errors over and over.  Pull way to early and the bar is too far from my body.   Ughhh.  Its so frustrating.   Match that with the fact that I was tired and cranky and it wasn't a lot of fun today.   Just pure frustrating.   With all that going on I just tried to keep focused and just worry about the rep I was doing during the warmup and the wod.

800m warmup run
Mobility work

Skill: Hang Squat Snatch – no heavier than 65/35
Spent most of the time just working with the bar.  Why add weight if I cant even do the lift with out a lot of weight on it.

Run 800m
30 Power Snatch 95/65
Run 800m

First run sucked and it went downhill from that.  I just plain struggled with this one.  I found it hard to push myself for all kinds of reasons.   Just a huge disappointment.  Couldnt wait to have this be over.

Time 10:55  Power's did 9:30 Paul did a 9:09.

Thinking that I need to buy a barbell set for home.  Big issue is the ceiling in the basement are too low.   What do do? What to do?

Want to see crappy form?  Watch the video?

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