Saturday, September 10, 2011

Craic Competition Simulation

Big Day of training.  The tank isnt completely refilled but a lot better than yesterday.   I got in bed good and early and got 8 hours of sleep, which was badly needed.  The plan was to do the regular class at 8am and then come back and hit the 10am Craic team training class.   

6 min AMRAP
200 m run
20 double unders
10 pushups

I think I got 4 rounds.  Felt good.


Deadlifts - 2, 2, 2
135(5), 225(5), 275(5), 325, 355, 395
My last lift was a mistake I thought I had 375lbs on the bar.  Missed the first time I picked it up. Then got 2 reps. It has been a long time since I have gone close to a 1 rep max.

WOD (Regular Class)

WOD: AMRAP 6 minutes
5 Deadlifts (135#/95#)
7 Pull Ups
Wait 30 seconds, and then:
1 minute max air squats

135lbs felt very light after close to 400lbs.  Pretty sloppy form but was going for speed.  I was happy that I was able to butterfly a bunch of the early rounds until my forearms start to burn.   Nice to work with Chris on the DL's and go head to head in this wod.
Final Score - 11 rounds plus 5 reps

Air Squats - 59 reps.   My goal was one per second.  Just missed.

1 hr break-

Craic Conditioning - WOD 1
10 Thrusters (95 lbs)
40 Double-Unders  

small group, 1 heat no judges.  Me, Glen, Sara, John and Bill Malcolmb.  Great to train with Bill.  He always brings energy and attitude to the gym and isnt afraid to push over the red line regardless of outcome.  That man has a huge engine.

I was happy with my first round pace. Just slightly behind John and Bill.  I knew that this wasnt a wheelhouse wod but I could limit the damage.   I was stupid and didnt double knot my shoe so the laces were flying around.  Need to remember that during the competition

Final Score: 4 Rounds 6 reps
Bill - 5 Rounds. John 5 rounds plus and Glen 4

Aprox 10 minute Break

Craic Conditioning -WOD 2
3 Rounds for time
200m Run
30 KBS (70lbs)
I felt like the Michelin man on my 2nd and 3rd runs

Matched Bill on the first run which was fairly quick but not crazy around 42 seconds or so i think.  I was able to put together 30 straight swings.  It didn't seem that punishing so I immediately panicked that I had selected the  wrong weight.  Upon closer inspection i was good.  Started the 2nd run and I was barely moving.  Any lead I had I gave back.  Bill passed me at the turnaround but that was ok I as I wanted to go fast but not fast so i had to wait to pick up KB.  In the next round the KB felt heavy and i had to break my swings up,  I think I did 15, 7, 8.   Starting the last run I was even slower.   Bill was ahead before the turnaround and Glen came flying up.  Bill and Glen sprinted like it was the 100m final.  I again panicked and thought is this only two rounds?  Nope these guys got caught up in the competitive spirit.  Running that hard left them smoked and trying to  catch their breath.  My slow run didnt leave me taxed, not even sure you could call it a run maybe more of a shuffle.  I hit the swings right away and wanted to try to do 15.  Got 12 and then picked it up and did 10 more and then 8.  

Final time 8:27

Bill finished just a few seconds later.  So far the first 3 wods have been good for me.  In a real competition I would be shocked if a 1 rep max clean and jerk or snatch didnt come up. I have to expect this and work on them to limit my loses.   Happy about my performance as I was pretty spent from the regular class.  Was diligent about taking a recovery drink after first class and eating right away when I got home after conditioning.

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