Wednesday, September 21, 2011

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

I had a hard time stopping myself from going to the Crossfit gym this morning.   I decided that I had better not push myself too hard with the competition looming and the race.   Its been a long time since I have done the Chase Corporate Challenge.  Probably at least 8-9 years.   I love the energy and the spirit of these races as you run as part of a company team.   The logistics of running a race that big are a huge challenge.  Last night I got there late - in fact just in time for the national anthem and then they called my bib colour to start.  I was no where near the start and not warmed up - oh well.    I ran a fairly consistent race as far as I could tell and was not passed by anyone which is a good thing.


Last thought   I need to do extra running.  Im getting really slow!

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