Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dumbell WOD

So the plan was to run this morning with a couple of my colleagues.   Woke up to rain and when I got outside it was pouring and I didnt pack my running jacket.  Totally bummed out until Dennis appeared who had gotten in late and hadnt committed to run with us.  He said lets hit the gym for a wod so i was ready to go.

1 Mile run warmup. - 7:40.  Started slow and ended up doing the last 400 at 6:30 pace.   I hadnt been sore at all until today.  My chest was just a little tight.

Chris King joined us and we had a 3 person class.

Dumbell WOD - you choose the weight.   I used 45lbs dumbells
5 Rounds

7 Deadlifts
7 Squat Cleans
7 Push Presses
7 Burpees

Absolutely brutal.   I was crushed after the first round but slogged thru it.  I hope these kind of WODS make me stronger,

Total Time
round 1 - 1:24
round 2 - 2:18
round 3 - 2:49
round 4 & 5 6:29
13:02 I think this is right.

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