Saturday, September 17, 2011

5k and FGB6 Double

I have been excited for this day to come for awhile.  Two legitimately tough workouts to gauge my fitness.   I was pretty bummed when I started to feel sick last night.  My throat started to hurt, sinuses stuffed just not feeling right. I think if this would have been a regular training day I would have elected to choose rest.   But I had told Jack I was doing the run and had all these people sponsor me so I was doing it regardless.

Finish Is close by
5k Run - Run started off well just tucked in behind Dave Conner and Dennis Mahoney.  I knew that trying to match their pace was going to be a bad idea.   6:05 mile - Dennis and Dave went through in 5:45 or so.   Mile two - Clemente Avenue.  My pace slowed dramtically and Mike Power went by me.  Then Tom Miller came up dragging Glen behind him.  I stayed with those two for a quarter mile or so but couldnt match their pace.   Finished 15th 7:10 pace.  Splits 6:05, 14:02 (7:56), 21:10 (7:08)  22:15 (1:05)


Susie was my judge and vice versa. It was great to judge/coach Susie through her first FGB.  She did really well as she didn't game it at all.  She just dug in and tried to crank through it.  I felt like someone had a boot on my chest when I finished.  Not a PR but close to my best.  I think I can do better than that.

Total Reps 304

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