Saturday, September 24, 2011

Garage Games Day 1 - Hosted by CFNE

This should be subtitled - getting my Sh*t Together

I think I did a good job not obsessing about the Garage Games during the week so I could avoid last weekends John McEnroe behavior.   I had decided to use this competition as a way to gauge my fitness and be very aware of my reactions and thoughts if I hit a rough spot during the competition.

Well it didnt take long to have my spirits be tested.   Since I had such a long delay between the athlete check in and my first heat I decided to hit the floater.   I was feeling pretty good and had a decent warm-up and the judge was an old roommate and friend Mike Piispanen!  Everything seemed tilted in a positive direction.    First sledge push - not so bad, tire jumps - one no rep but all good, the between runs good.   Last sled push - epic fail.   I was up high on the sled too high.  Got it off the ground but no forward momentum,  again - nothing, starting to panic as the clock in my head goes into hyper drive.  Final time 52.  EPIC Fail.    At that point I realized there was nothing I could do to change it.  Kept my head up,  didnt bitch and moan and put it all in the rear view mirror.

Next up the one that I had trained for the least and had a movement that I can do but certainly not excel at.
2.  “OHS/MU”
A.  Establish a 1 rep max Overhead Squat in 3 minutes
B.  Complete as many reps as possible of Muscle ups (Scaled: Pull ups) in 3 minutes
1 point will be awarded for every pound on the OHS and 5 points will be awarded for every muscle up completed.  Your score is the total of both.

I got a nice warmup and confidence builder down at Warrens warehouse gym.  I was able to put up 185 and felt confident I could get that.   Next curveball - I missed them call my heat- they were slighlty ahead of schedule and I had to jump in to the next group.   Good test would I freak out or would I remain calm and focus on the task at hand.  I was a little concerned about starting too heavy so I went 135, then 165 and got those pretty easily.   Next I did 185 - got it.  Now Im confident but time is running down quickly.   Big error on my part was weight management,  4 guys sharing weights - I should have thought about that and was stuck weighting for 5's or 10's as i didnt have time for a double swap.   I get 2 10's with 30 seconds to go.  20 seconds rack, front adjust to my back and run out of time. Bummer. but still 10lb pr.   Next on to muscle-ups.   They are going better than expected.    I knock off 5 and jump off then a few more and then I die on the vine.  I cant even get singles.  I got 7.  If someone had asked me if I would be satisfied with 185 and 9 before the event I would have said yes.  Sitting here now I really would have liked 205 and 10.   I will adjust my thinking and swap disappointment with a plan for next time.
The other thing I have become acutely aware of is how you feel about your performance and then how you feel about it after comparing it to everyone elses.  I am trying to get it in my head that I am not being true to myself doing that.  Im better to ask - did I compete hard?  did I do my best?, did I give it my all?   Those are the right questions for reflection.  I think i did way better on that front today.

Last Event
“The Lark”
3 Rounds for time of:
16 Power Cleans (Rx:155/105) (Scaled: 115, 80)
600 meter Run


Coach John was in my heat and I knew that If I could stay close to him that might be a good strategy to do well.    I was very happy to have my judge be Christian Rodriguez! A class act and super supportive  I just tried to stay very focused on my reps, in fact someone asked me my rep strategy and I had no idea what it was.  Probably a good thing.  This is one event that when I do the comparison get bummed out.  I going to allow me to do that for 2 minutes. Okay over.  Moving on.   Nice job by my teammates - they were complete monsters.

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