Sunday, September 4, 2011

Craic Team Training

I love these training sessions where we try to simulate a competition like environment.  I'm convinced that the energy and focus of all the competitors raised everyone's game.    The only downside to today was that I was not able to join one of the earlier classes to get a double WOD. Tris had a sleepover for his 9th birthday and Suz and I both couldnt go.  In retrospect it was probably a good thing as I am pretty worn out.

Good turn-out for training - Coach John and Sara, Amanda, Sara C, Paul T, Jack, Powers and myself.   Its nice having a judge to keep you honest, and the keep you going.  I was paired up with Paul and he was nice enough to go first. Paul and John went back and forth in the first round but Paul was able to pull away on the deadlift.  I was really impressed with Paul as he just kept a nice high pace going.  He finished in 5:44.   I knew that the box jumps were where i needed to be really smart - as fast as possible, few fouls and not too fast.   Right before the round I got up and butterflied to see how it would go.  I was worried that butterflying would take too much out of me.   I had the sweat bands on so i wouldnt have to be worried about chalk and thing that will become a more consistent part of my equipment.

The familiar count down from 10...Made it through the first 21 DLs and Pullups unbroken, box jumps not too bad.  about 2:04 for round one.   Made it through the 15's DL and PU's unbroken.  Box Jumps ok.  Last round came up 3 short on pullups and found a little extra bounce in the box jumps.
Total time - 5:17

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