Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jump and Push

Double Under Drill - 2min on, 1 off, 1 min, 30 sec off, 30 seconds on

This always a great warm up to get the blood moving.  

1st Set 132, 64, 44  If I could just keep up my pace for my 30 second interval it would be good
I joined the next class for the double unders and did it agin
2nd 106, 52, 36  clearly affected by fatigue

Skill Work
Box Jump Rebounds and Max Box Jump

We had about 20-25 minutes to work on this skill.  I think I spent about 1/4 on box jump rebounds and then moved over to Max Box Jumps with Power and one other guy.   Nailed 43 inches pretty easily and moved on from there.  This is one exercise that if you stare at the height of the box you will not make it.  You have to decide your going to do and go after it.   I was psyched to break my old record.   I hit 49 1/2 inches! Tops on the leader board.  

WOD: For time
18 – 12 – 6*
box jumps @ 24″/20″
ring push ups
*30 double unders between each couplet

This was a good little burner and I was able to keep moving with out breaking things. 
Time 4:03

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