Monday, August 15, 2011

5k plus DL and ABmat Situps

I had thought about going over to Ellsworth to train at Crossfit Acadia but that all went out the window when the alarm went off and I was still dead tired.   I'm still dragging and not sure where my energy has disappeared to.   Decided that I would do a run as it has been awhile and I thought maybe I would feel better after it.  Elected to skip the carriage trail and go right to roots, rock reggae trail along side the pond.  Clearly it felt a lot harder than it should of.  

Came home and decided to hit the Deadlift strength and WOD to  make me feel better.

Not a lot of weight to work with so I used it as my warm-up
Sets of 5
195, 235, 255, 265, 285

WOD 3 Rounds of
10 DL's @ 295
50 Situps
Blasted through the first round in 2:10,  Second round took me 4+ minutes and the last round took me 5 minutes.

My Deadlift is not where it needs to be.  Havent done them in over a month.  Need to hit more often.

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