Saturday, August 20, 2011

5-3-1 and double couplet

Crazy Friday morning.  Thought about going over to Acadia Crossfit but wanted to get some strength work in.   I having been following Freddy Camacho's blog and he just started a 9 to 12 week cycle of strength workouts.  I think I would really benefit from that bias as well and have been including the barbell complex from Sealfit in my training.

I downloaded a spreadsheet for Wendler's 5-3-1 program but then realized the lifts Freddy was doing didnt correspond to the lifts that were in the Wendler spreadsheet.  A little playing around and here is what I came up with.

Lift Set 1 % of Max Set 2 % of Max Set 3 % of Max 1 rep Max Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Squat 0.59 0.68 0.76 315 185 215 240
Clean 0.75 0.85 0.85 205 153.75 174.25 174.25
Snatch 0.6 0.65 0.75 135 81 87.75 101.25
Jerk 0.6 0.7 0.85 205 123 143.5 174.25
Clean Pull 0.95 1.05 1.05 225 213.75 236.25 236.25

I was pressed for time because of a work call and visit from the caretaker so I raced through it as fast as possible.  Made some slight adjustments to the weight.

Strength 3x5

Squat 185, 215, 240
Snatch 80, 90. 105 = probably too easy
Clean 155, 175, 175
Push Jerk 125, 145, 175

Ran out of time and didnt do Clean Pulls

TNB, Catdogg and A4 are in the house and we spent the morning showing them around.   Susie and Cat were hitting the Craic workout in shifts.  It was great to all watch and cheer them on.  I got so caught up in it that I got my workout gear and hit the WOD as well.

Power Clean 105/75
Run 800m
Front Squat 105/75
Knees to Elbow
20min time cap

Blasted through my first 21 power cleans and I should know better and go slower.  That drained me and I paid for it in the next rounds.   This was a grip heavy workout and that is what really caused some issues.
Final Time 16:17

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