Sunday, August 28, 2011

Black and Blue

Irene messed up the plans a bit. Susie and I weren't comfortable leaving the kids at home alone during the storm so I volunteered to skip the competitors special class. I had sent Coach John a few messages but with yesterday's race I wasn't able to connect and get permission to do the WOD in a regular class. Sara and John gave me the okay but I that it isn't ideal.


Did warm up with the class. When the class started to prep for their WOD I veered off.

Barbell Complex
85 lbs
105 lbs

Did a much better job of cycling through the movements without dropping the bar.

Black and Blue
When John told me what the competitor WOD was going to be I was thrilled. I had wanted to do this WOD!

5 rounds
10 Power Cleans 135
10 Burpees

I was looking good through the first 2 rounds averaging under a minute. Third round I slowed down and was over 1 min per round. As much as I tried tom push couldn't speed up. Finished in 5:59. Was happy with that time.

Stretched and recovered for about 10-15 minutes

ROW 300m form4 rounds With 90 second recovery

Round 1 - 55 seconds
Round 2 - 1:01
Round 3 - 1:00
Round 4 - 0:58 seconds

Reply worked hard on using my legs and not pulling early or using to much arm.

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