Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 3 at Lalanne Fitness

It is never a good sign when I wake up to the alarm.  Most mornings I wake up on my own just a few minutes before the alarm is scheduled to go off.   My read is that the WODs have been hard and that I havent really eaten enough so my body doesnt have a lot of energy.

Warm Up:

Forward Rolls
Hand Stand Practice - Tripod to overhead
Glut Ham Developer


5x3 Deadlift  135, 185, 225, 275, 275
Between sets do 5 reps of Snatch grip Deadlift 225, 225, 225

 Taking the weight on and off for the snatch grip deadlift was a huge pain and the nexk and really slowed things down.  Felt better in the last few rounds

WOD 3 Round
30 Ring Pullups
30 Ring Dips

If you have to break you have to muscle up to restart the dips
When to 21 pullups before I took a short break nailed 9 hit a muscle up and then ripped off 10 dips.  Dropped off recovered and then did a muscle up and 10 more dips.  One more muscle up and then 10 dips.

The end of that round slowed down but it was a great first round. Second round started strong with the pullups.   Muscle-Up 10 dips and then muscle up 10 dips, muscle up 8 dips and then massive falure
I couldnt get a muscle up.  Spent the next 5-6 minutes trying to get another muscle up.  Failed 2 reps short of round 2.  

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