Wednesday, June 8, 2011

USA vs Spain Friendly

A friend emailed earlier in the week and asked if I wanted to buy an extra set of tickets to the USA vs Spain friendly.   Before I could answer Susie had already replied with a yes.   This time of the year is always busy with graduations parties, end of the year school events and sports.  Yesterday was no different.  My youngest son had been pleading his case to go to the game in place of Susie as soon as he found out.   I was thrilled with the opportunity to take him to his first Pro level soccer match even though it meant driving into the throngs of a virtually sold out Foxboro Stadium (57,000)!   Aside from getting separated from me from a brief moment I think he enjoyed it.

The US team on the other hand could not have enjoyed themselves.  They were absolutely taken a part in the first half.   They were without a few starters but you would have thought Bradley would have selected a line-up that was more mobile to start the game.  They looked like pylons.

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