Monday, June 13, 2011


We are into the last 7 days of the No Bread challenge and will be repeating our baseline tests, pullups, 2k row and Crossfit Craic baseline.   Re-testing always gets me a bit on edge.  You want to show improvement after being focused on the diet for 50 days.   That said if you have been at this awhile it gets harder and harder to move the needle in any dramatic way.  I had a slight panic when I saw the programming today as I though it was a lot of pullups on a day we were testing max pullups.  Clearly I misread the post and that will come later in the week. 
Skill - 3x Double Unders in 10 minutes
My best were 32, 39 and 45.  Not bad but it would be great to do 50x50x50

Strength: Deadhang Pullups (overhand) – 3 x max reps – 2 min rest between

17, 12, 9
Box Jumps 24/20

Scaled up to do Chest 2 Bar and 32inch box jumps

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