Friday, June 3, 2011

6.3.11 HARP Gotham Crossfit

Schedule worked out so that I could hit the 6am class at Gotham Crossfit, even better Dennis was going to be able to join me.   We meet at 5:45 to walk over and were both surprised it was a little cool.  Good temps for a wod.   Coach Mike had wiped the board clean and sworn the 5am to secrecy.  The only hint that we had oh what it was going to be was the statement" You guys from CFNE may have done this one already.  I saw the rowers out so had an idea but wasn't certain since all the Xfit websites were blending together.   Pretty fired up when I saw it.

Run 1 Mile
Row 1000 Meters

My plan was to try to keep Dennis close since he flys like the wind and the try to catch him in the HSPU and then go head to head in the 1000k meter row.

 Dennis paced us through a great 400 - 1:15, and then I was trailing him by a few seconds a round.  He did a 5:47 and I was right behind him at 5:50.   I did 15 HSPU and then did 5 at a time.   Hit the rower and tried to stay under 2minutes.  Generally around 1:50 - 1:55.

Final Time 13:28