Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rest 2k Row

Running out of time to get my retests done.  This has been stressing me out all week.  Its a challenge to figure out when you forgo the planned WOD for the No Bread test.   I backed myself in a corner so today was the day for the 2k row.   I had a great plan last time around and stuck to it and it felt easier than any 2k row I have done.    Today was not the same experience.   I felt good today and probably went 3-5 seconds faster in the first 500.   The middle 1000 felt ok but I kept bumping up over 1:50.   Just didnt feel good and i even resorted to no legs all arms pull on a couple of occasions.  

Final Time = 7:13 an improvement of 2 seconds.   Just not where I want it to be.   Should be thrilled with doing better but for some reason only feeling disappointment. Will need to do this one again and again and again.

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