Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Funday

Not quite sure what I was going to do but knew I had to do some strength work.  I have decided when I do these lifts to try and do sets without dropping the bar. Do as much touch and go as possible.  It really takes the starch out of me. 

Squat Clean and Jerks
5@135lbs no dropping
5@155lbs no dropping
5@175lbs no dropping
3 cleans @195 dropped
2 jerks @195 dropped

This wod was posted by Patrick Mcarty on  the CF Massters 2013 Testing Lab Facebook page last night.   Couldnt get anyone to do it with me so did it solo just like the old times. 

6 min amrap
10 hand stand push-ups
15 box jumps to 24" box
20 shoulder to overhead @155lbs
25 pull-ups
30 double unders

The toughest and slowest part was the SOH. I had to break up into 6-7-5-2. On the pull-ups I went 20-5. I had 45 seconds to get 30 and finished those with 8 seconds but wasn't ready for a HSPU. 1 round was all I could muster.

In the afternoon Jack, Tris and I took a walk in the Arnold Arboretum.    Here are a few shots from the stroll:

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