Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pre-dawn Hike

Fife came and picked us up to do Camelback at 4:30am.   I have done Camelback plenty of times but never the Cholla Trail to the top.  Weather was perfect only in the 80s with a very nice breeze.   It was surreal going up in the dark.  You have no idea how far you have gone or where the path is.   It was just getting bright by the time we reached the top.    We had a fairly big group - Dennis, Chris, Nick and Adam but we got spread out pretty quickly.  The night sky was spectacular.  The Moon was a huge orange ball.   The photos I took dont do it justice.

We were hoping to get done in time to go to Crossfit but we ran out of time.  So I did a quick WOD in the hotel gym


6:20 I think I cut 30 seconds off what I did in Hawaii.  Felt pretty good.

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