Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bright and Sunny

2 rounds
200m run
15 kb squats with straight arms

20 min for
6 rep Deadlifts
135, 185,225,275

20min amrap
400m run
5 Deadlifts @275

8 rounds 100meters

I went into the gym thinking I would go extra light maybe 175-85lbs and really try to push the runs. Anthony Demusis did the wod at 275lbs and finished 8# rounds at the 5:30am class and it had me thinking 5 reps is not that many and 275 wouldnt really wreck me.  So went to 275lb and tried my best on the runs.  I was in front on the runs until round 3 or 4 and then one of the real runners passed me.   In retrospect I should have wrecked myself to stay with him and not worried how slow i was on Deadlift.  For me I need the running work and metcon aspect not the strength right now.  

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