Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday TG

Friday TG
Hand stands and hand stand walk practice.   I have not focused on this as much as I should.  For some reason I find this hard to do in the gym with lots of people.  I dont know if I get distracted or just freaked out by people moving in and out and not having a "clear" lane.   Jarrod came over and suggested that I get my hip father forward and he took a video to show what he meant.  It was in that attempt I actually got it right.  Funny that I could do it when the camera was on me.  

3 rounds
15 hang cleans @15lbs   Rx was 135
15 burpees

Anthony had smoked this workout = he did it in 5:07.   I have decided that I dont like to have to chase a number but do better when I can do my thing first.   We had a chance to warm up after the Hand Stand Walks and i went up to 155 and didnt feel bad.  Jarrod said go ahead and do that weight.   Wondering how I would have done if I had done prescribed.   It is great to see what a badass Anthony has become.  What is even more amazing is how durable he is.  He can do multiple workouts in a day and never seems tired.  The man is a beast. 

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