Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crossfit Cactus

Crossfit Cactus

Dennis, Chris, Nick and I did the short drive from the Phoenician to Crossfit Cactus. We arrived way before it opened. We received a warm up welcome from both of the coaches and Susie's cousin Fife. The circled everyone up and had everyone introduce themselves not just once but twice. From there we went through a fantastic warm up.
400m run, trunk turns, arm movements and then dynamic warm up.

Sets of 3 squat snatch

Got a lot of attention and cueing from the coaches. Stayed relatively light and just worked on trying to be faster when the bar hit high pockets.

10 minute EMOM

3 reps Power Snatch @135lbs
6 toes to bar
9 box jumps
I had to skip 3 rounds since I didn't finish within the minute.

7 rounds

After the WOD they had everyone circle up again Anne fist bump and say CrossFit Cactus. Pretty cool.

Probably the friendliest gym that I have trained at.

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