Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Guest visit to COD

First day of school for Jack so I had to hit the gym early.   It was nice to be in the famous COD club.   As much as I was excited to see them none of them wanted to be my partner for the WOD so I went solo and rested the same amount of time it took we to do a round.

3 Rounds

250m Row
15 KBS
25 Burpees
15 KBS
250m Row

Round 1 - 4:30
Round 2 - 5:33
Round 3 - 6:12

Total time - 26:15

After celebrating Tristan's 11th Birthday with some cake Susie and I went back to the gym again.  I was going to do any easy AD but then decided to do 10 minutes for Calories.
The Birthday Boy turns 11

Round 1 - 205 calories
Round 2 - 202 calories

Both efforts were hard but not so painful I crippled myself.

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