Thursday, September 19, 2013

Holy Broken Psoas

Woke up this morning and my psoas and SI joint were completely f**cked.  I could not even put my socks on.  Some serious pain from riding that mechanical bull.   I had no idea at the time that I had even hurt myself.

Here are a few photos of me on the bull.

Dennis and I started even earlier today determined to do the full hike and be done in time to get to Cactus Crossfit.   We started at 4:15 and I was able to keep a steady pace as walking didnt really bother my back.  It was great to be on the mountain all by ourselves and we didnt even see a another headlamp until we were at the top.  A couple came flying up and ended catching us on the way down.  They were extremely quick in the steep sections which was pretty amazing.

We went to Cactus Crossfit and I did the first part of the workouts but opted out of the second part because of my back.

3 Sets of Front Racked alternating reverse lunges.  8 to 10 reps

75,85 and 135lbs

rest 2 minutes

Weighted Pull-ups 3 reps

25, 35, 45lbs

I rode the airdyne for 11 minutes while the class did the wod.

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