Saturday, September 28, 2013


Back from my trip to Germany and Switzerland.  It was a full trip and I had no time to workout let alone sleep.  I was planning on skipping the advanced class today and just doing the Rodman Ride but since I was up and it gave me a chance to be with Susie I decided to go.   I was hoping for something in the 20 minute range that would be a nice even pace and not kill me.  Nope got quite the opposite on the WOD - 3 Fran like workouts. 

We started with 3 position snatches.  Hit all 3 positions 3 times without putting the bar down.   My form was good at the lighter weights but when I got to 125lbs I was not getting under the bar and i was pressing out the last bit.

I knew I was in for trouble on the WOD and considered just doing it half ass or not at all but then decided to do what I could do. 

The Thruster - Pull-Up one went ok - Got 3 rounds plus 10 but I knew I was in trouble when I felt that burn wash across my chest and lungs.   The sign of going over the red line.  By the next cycle all I could do was look at the bar for the first minute I was completely fried.   I got 1 round and was still tired when we started to hit the last movement.  This went a little better but not much. 2 Rounds.

Off the the Rodman Ride.  I was excited to be doing it because Jack was going along.  Not surprisingly the day of the ride he was very reluctant and had changed his mind.   He would also be riding a road bike for the first time which was a big deal.   I probably should not have made him do this but it is so much easier.    Not surprisingly 8 miles in he was fine and having a good time.  We moved along fairly well which was great and it was a beautiful day all around.

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