Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trying to get back on track

Woke up around 8am still pretty worn out but I was determined to try out the Alden Rowing Shell I had purchased at the auction last weekend.   I tried to cobble together a trailed so that I didnt have to carry the shell and make multiple trips.   I wasted about a half hour and just finally decided to carry it down.  Its not super heavy but it is a but awkward.   I struggled to figure the technique out and I wasnt helped by the fact that one of the toe straps was broken.    Just as I was nearing the fleet and I was getting more comfortable one of my oars broke.   The break was in 3 of the seems so when you started pulling on the stroke it would bend in half.  Not a huge deal since i got two pair with the boat.  I ended up just going from Harbor to the Fleet and back.   Good work.

I was late to meet Jack for a hike so we decided to go in the early afternoon before our reservation at Jordan Pond.  We decided to do Penobscott vai the Spring Trail.   We didnt have a lot of time so I really pushed the pace.  Jack was not happy but he matched me all the way and I barely ended him out but it took a lot our o f me.

A few photos of the trek:

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