Saturday, August 10, 2013


Didnt sleep very well but that is expected when you skip through so many time zone.  I woke up at 3am and was hungry and wide awake.  Got up and went through some emails and had a snack.   Made it back in bed by 5am so its not surprising Tris woke me up to tell me that Jeff Peterson was here to workout.   One of the favorite parts of the summer for me is to get to train with so many amazing athletes.   Now Jeff is a running machine with a huge engine.  The only way I am going to stay close to him in a wod is if it gets real heavy but from the looks of him that advantage seems to be gone as well as he looks like he put on 15lbs of muscle.

We did a warm up 5X10
Weighted Pushups
Wall Ball Situps

225lb Deadlift

I was feeling ok during the warm up but boy did that 225lb deadlift get heavy during the wod.  I kept a good pace and never stopped or put the bar down.  I felt like I had gone as hard as could after 30 hrs of travel.   My time was 4:13.  Jeff went next and absolutely crushed it.   Fast on both burpees and Deadlifts.  He did a 3:37.   Crushed me by 36 seconds.  I will need to try that one again when better rested.

We had planned on doing a second wod but I wasnt so sure after the first one, but since I had written it on the board it had to be done.

3 rounds of

500m Row
10 Clean and Jerks at 95lbs

Not a very heavy weight and in fact we should have done 135lbs that would have been good.

Jeff went first this time and put in a time of 8:22.   I was able to beat him on this one with a time of 8:16.

Spent the rest of the day out on the boat.  Perfect Summer Day.

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