Saturday, August 31, 2013


I didnt plan this weeks workouts very well at all.   I should have probably taken yesterday off but really want to do a wod to clear my head before a day at work.   I woke up this morning very tired.   I considered taking the day off but figured I would go and do an 80% day.


A1. Weighted Muscle Ups:  Didnt get very far into this before I tweeked something in my upper back under my shoulder blade.

B1,  3x3 minutes of walking lunges with 3 minute rest

Round 1 -  20 reps @135lbs
Round 2 - 18 reps @ 145lbs
Round 3 - 15 reps @ 155bs

C1 4 Rounds of

200m Run
20 wall balls


This sapped me more than it should have.   Normally I would be able to power through these and I am just fatiguing very quickly.   Not sure what the issue is.
A group of us when to Rox Diner for breakfast.  Good way to start the day on a long weekend. Even better when its spent with the Ginger Ninja.

Late in the day Tom Loring stopped by after dropping Sam at the train station.  I figured he would bag out of ride since it was late and it had been sprinkling.   Nope he was up for it and we set up the bikes and went out.  I was surprised the average speed was as slow as it was as there were big stretches were we were going 24pmph.  Great to get out with Tom.

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