Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trek back

Had to drive home as I didnt want to leave Maine mid-day on such a spectacular day.   I rented a car but decided to check to see if someone hadnt shown up for the 4:30pm flight.  It was after 4 so i felt like if there was an empty seat I would be set.   As soon as the agent told me there was one passenger who had not check in yet I was thinking - "yes I have avoided the 5 hour drive"  when sure enough a car pulled up and out jumped a passenger sprinting to the check in counter.  

So I got in the car and started driving and then got an email from the private plane service with a quote that was high but not outrageous.   I emailed them back asking if they could leave soon and thought as soon as I hear I will turn around.   Well 6 hours later as I pull into my drive way I get a message that they can take me.    The drive ended up being fine.  Got some work calls done.

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