Sunday, August 25, 2013

Metcon double - one at 80% and one easy

Didnt really have a strong plan for what workouts I would do today.  I had got all my stuff organized to do a road ride when Susie reminded we had to pick up Tristan on the Cape.  So I changed gears and decided to get on the erg and do a steady 5k row.   I wasnt trying to PR and I wasnt just piddling along.   Steady state.   Felt good to be out in the sunshine but it did get a little toasty. 

Wod 1

5k Row - 19:34

500 Splits:

1 - 1:56.5
2 - 1:56.8
3 - 1:56.6
4 - 1:58.5
5 - 1:57.6
6 - 2:00.1
7 - 1:59.8
8 - 1:58.0
9 - 1:58.2
10 -1:52.5

The rounds were tight but I would have liked to have kept them all at 1:56. 

After the trip to the Cape and Brunch Jack and I went out for a ride on the Esplanade.  It was a perfect day all the way around.  12 mile ride at a decent pace. 

Keeping this photo as there arent going to be many days left when I am in front

The kid is Strong!

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