Friday, August 16, 2013


Each day I planned to get up and work out and each day I woke up early enough to get ready but started doing work calls at 4am pst.   I was just dragging and just wasnt sleeping well all week.   The most exercise I got was walking back from Fisherman's warf after we took the commute ferry for a ride as a way to try and unwind.  I thought for sure I would be recovered for a wod on Thursday but again woke up 3:30am and did some work but managed to fall back asleep and miss the 6am class.  What is the best way to rest up after a tiring week?  Yep take the red eye home.   I did manage to get a few hours but not nearly enough.   Flight up to Maine was delayed for a few hours but managed to arrive to a spectacular day in the early afternoon.

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