Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just plain difficult

The WODS have been owning my ass for what seems like months and months.   It has been pretty much a downhill run since the snatch ladder.   I have put a lot of metcon work in the last few months and I dont seem to have made any progress.   I am quick to be completely gassed and its been ages since I have felt truly good in a wod.   Still I am hopeful at some point something will click in and things will improve.  

A. 10min Handstand practice
Focused on just holding a strict handstand and when that got a bit better then I went for the walk. So much work to do.

10min AMRAP
Row 200
15 T2B
5 Rounds
Row Stats - 5 rounds 3:32 1000m 1:46.3 avg

Rest 5 Minutes

10 Min AMRAP
Run 200m

4 rounds 86 Reps

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