Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Night - Time to drop

Good recovery work today.  I usually don't have a lot of time to just work on recovery but since I'm on vacation I had plenty of time.  Susie and I rode on the Airdyne for 20 minutes.  In Florida fashion it had a tv set up and headphones.   Then I went thru a lot of mobility exercises for my quads, hamstrings, shoulders and back. 

Sunday night has become a dreaded part of the week.  For the past two weeks as everyone finally posts their scores I watched myself slide down in the standings.  I was hoping to at least stay in the top 20 but slid to 21.  It all comes down to 1 or 2 reps every wod.

Current Standings after 13.1 &  13.2.   3 Wods to go.  Each and everyone is important.   In fact if you took a snap shot right now 10 of last years game qualifiers would be out including - Jerry Hill, Freddy Camacho, Scott Detore, Glenn Waters, Victor Hoyos, Maurizio Maddaloni, Brian Shockley, Ken Cutrer, Ken Andrukow, Greg Smart, Jim Fitzsimmons. 

So how am I doing compared to last year?  Last year after two events I was in 25th Place with 138 points trailing Billy Goodson who had 136 points.  This year Im in 21st place with 64 points.  I need to keep those points low for sure! Im trailing John Dunlap by 2 points and Billy Goodson is 4 ahead of me.

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