Sunday, March 31, 2013

13.4 Deux & Tres (powered by #shakeshack)

Great sunny Easter morning.   Went all out on the baskets but kept it Paleo by only going with Eggs and Bunnies.  Im sure it still counts even if they are made of chocolate and filled with sugar.  In fact I am positive its all good.

OPEN 13.4 - 2nd Attempt. 

Even after watching Susie, Johnny Mac and Dale went off in the first heat and the absolutely destroyed the wod and got a bunch more reps that the last time.  Susie and Reggie went next and it was awesome to see Susie go after it.  She was a lot more aggressive this time around and it completely paid off.   Here is a shot I took of Susie Diesel's abs when she was doing the C&J's.  She is a total badass and wears it well. The 20 year olds don't have a thing on her. 

I on the other hand just wasnt feeling it this morning.  As I warmed up I no energy and felt really flat.  Usually you can get an energy surge when you watch others do well.  I felt no carry over affect.   In fact I knew I was in trouble when I picked up the bar to move over to the station I would use for the wod and It felt really heavy.  So heavy that  I looked down to see if I had accidentally picked up the wrong bar as it felt like 225 not 135.   Had the game plan set , I was going to  breaking things up before I had to and make sure I was jerking right from the start.  3,2,1 Go.  Round of 3  C&J's, wow that was hard, wait ...its the first 3 how can it already be hard.  Round of 6 C&J's - shit this is taxing me more than it should be for 6 reps.  Round 9 - Did someone add weight to my bar while i was doing toes to bar?  Round 12 - wow this is turning into a shit show.  My shoulders are find but Im completely gassed.  Round of 15.  Shit the clock is already at 5:20.  Not enough time...... 8 reps into the round of 15 I stop as I know there is no way I can even get close to my first score.  I have no idea why I had no energy.   This is so disheartening.  Packed up my bad quickly as possible as sitting around dissecting it was only going to make matters worse.  I knew I had to get home and do something else so I could change my state.

Got everyone in the car and headed into Boston to take a walk around Castle Island. This kind of activity is a great head clearer as I really enjoy just walking around with Susie and the boys. It was cooler on the water as the wind was blowing but it was great to just walk around with the family.   We got a chance to see 4 guys kite surfing.  Those guys are nuts as it was pretty chilly, I couldnt imagine how it felt it you were wet even with a wet suit on.  Here are a few shots:

We made a stop at the Shake Shack on the way home for some comfort food.   I usually dont stray that far away from clean eating but every once and I while its ok. Hands down best burger in Boston so far.  That said I need to go the Eagles Deli.  Waiting to go there when Kevin Daigle is back in town.

 The Crossfit community never ceases to amaze me.  My buddy Richard Johnson stopped over after his gymnastic cert and was finding all the positives in both of our performances.   While that was going on I get a call from Jack Daly to check in how I was doing.  I get a text from Mike Powers as well.  Holy Cow that is  Amazing. Especially since its just crossfit.  What an amazing group of friends that pick you up when your down. 

All this time I was thinking about the wod not in an obsessing way but just thinking of the science of Lactate Threshold and how I felt.  It occurred to me that the only thing feeling fatigued were my legs.  Everyone was saying how taxing it was on the shoulders.  Hell my shoulders felt fine! I had exhausted myself using my legs on the jerks.  The leg muscle require a ton of O2 so I was making a difficult wod even more brutal.  I decided that i was going to push press the hell out of it and let my shoulders and arms be dammed and go all out on the Toes Bars unbroken as much as possible.

I went over to the gym and warmed up to see how I felt and other than being a little fatigued I definitely felt stronger than I did in the morning.  I then called Susie up and asked her if she would come over and judge.  For those of you who think Your wife judged you! Trust me she is a stickler for ROM.  She would no rep Rich Froning if he tried to cut a corner.  3.2.1 Go.  Much better first two rounds,  Round of Nine looking good,  Round of 12 a little shakey but gave myself enough time on the 15's.  This went better as well.   Got to the bar with an extra few seconds. I knew not enough to get all of the 15's but a good amount.  Got 12 for a total of 87.  YES>>>>  Definitely a better game plan and considering the effort I put earlier I was satisfied I had eeked out all that I  had in me.   Ready to move on to 13.5

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