Friday, March 29, 2013

13.4 First Attempt

Finally a chance to move on from 13.3.   I clearly havent been that excited or enthusiastic after my chances of making the games went by the wayside.  I know many will think Im giving up or quitting but Im just realistic knowing that the top 20 will be under 200 points and Im over that already.

Got the gym and had a good chat with Coach John about what is next after the Opens.  Whether I would continue training solo and whether I put to much emphasis on the Opens versus the other competitions that I had done.  Well enough talking it was time to go under the 7 minutes of pain test.

3,2,1 Go.....

The first two rounds went by quickly and fairly easily.  In fact I forgot that I was even on the round of and did 6 clean and jerks and then started towards the rig for my T2B's.  Oops... Wasted some time there probably only a few seconds.  Round of 12 needed to move fast did 4,2, and then singles and then did 8 and 4 on the rig.  Round 15 and I was smoked, It got really hard fast.  It was as if someone drained all my mitochondria out of my cells.  No power in the engine room.  Finished the C&J's @6:45. Only 15 seconds for toes to bar and knocked off 9 straight.  Had the 10th in cycle but just run out of time.

84 reps.

Gave it everything but less than 90 means another shot at it this weekend.

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