Sunday, March 31, 2013

Skill work and not very restful

Went to the gym early and it was great to be back in an empty gym just training.  I did a nice 2 round warm up of the the following:
200m Run or Row
15 Hip Extensions
10 Strict Pull ups
10 Push ups or Strict Ring Dips
10 Reverse Lunge Reach (alternating Samson Stretch)
10 PVC Pass Throughs
10 PVC OHS or Wall Facing Squats
10 Band Pull Aparts

Plus 20 minutes on the Airdyne and then some BB skills work.

Nice walk with the family.  A few shots:

Plan was to go to Jack's Bday party for a brief drop in.  Great to celebrate Jack's Bday but all the talk of 13.4 got me totally jacked up and I couldnt sleep.  So much for an early bed time.  Fell asleep after 1am.  Ughhh not how I wanted it to go.

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