Saturday, March 16, 2013

13.2 Redoux

Spent the night  tossing and turning last night thinking about 13.2  I found myself lying awake strategizing and trying to visualize myself doing the wod feeling strong and effortless. If doubt crept in I started over.   I have found that when I can see myself doing the movement, exercise or wod in a strong and effortless way I have done much better in the wod itself. 

I spent the morning trying not to throw up as I got ready to go over to Crossfit Hardcore - The Sandbox.   Spent 15 minutes in the hot tub and then some mobility work. The folks at the Sandbox were as welcoming as always.   Susie was slotted into the 10am heat and I was in the 10:30 heat.   I was asked if I had my judging cert which I did so I judged a new athlete in heat 1.   The guy battled extremely hard and set a pr for himself in the press.   I took a few peeks to see how Susie was doing and she was rocking it. 

I was still pretty nervous and my heart was racing as we got ready to line up.  I knew I needed a pretty big jump up in reps to stay close to the top qualifiers.  With 1 minute to go I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and relaxed.  I felt calm but ready. When I was able to get into that state I knew I had a chance of doing well.  Now it was just a matter of putting the work in.

So I started off fast than last time and was moving at a better than minute per round.  In fact I was at less than 1:30 after 2 rounds.    I was under for rounds 3, 4 and 5.  It wasnt until round 6 that I started to go over and finished the round at 6:05.  Round 7 pushed it a little more but by this time I had lost all track of time and just tried to keep moving as fast as I could.   I knew I was under a minute so really pressing. Through the presses,  flying thru the dead-lifts and just about to start the box jumps when they stopped me.  I guess they had yelled time and I never even heard them.  Didn't end up finishing the dead-lifts which I was a little bit bummed by.  For me that was a huge improvement.  Would have liked to have hit 290 but I will take it.   13.2 final result was 283 Reps

Susie had improved by 5 reps as well.  We hung out and watched a few other groups hit the wod before we took off.  Here are a few photos i took of the athletes that train at the Sandbox.  Forgot to mention they even had a DJ fired up to crank the tunes for each heat that went off.

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